IQ-Well Crystal emitter

IQ-Well Crystal emitter


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Our IQ-Well crystal emitters in the ALPHA, DELTA and PROFI devices are equipped with intelligent indium-phosphide crystals. The valuable material indium has an approximately ten times higher transit frequency than comparable other crystals from the computer industry. Electrical circuits constructed thereby have a lower energy requirement than their direct equivalents (e.g., silicon).

Indium-phosphide is a base material for high frequency technology in the terra and gigahertz range. From this, low-noise (i.e., no distortions and superimpositions of the stored information) high frequency amplifiers can be made up and can be used  e.g. in satellite communication and in innovative energy-medical fields.
In addition, these types of crystals are used to transmit information through fiber optic networks and to power satellites with the aid of lasers resp. surface-emitting lasers.
Indium-phosphide crystals have another special property: they can independently evaluate and modify the impressed information band. This is called a dynamic compensation of misinformation.

When you purchase an IQ-WELL ALPHA, IQ-WELL PROFI or IQ-WELL DELTA, the emitters shown in the scope of delivery are already included.

The specific properties of the differently colored emitters are shown under the respective emitter option.

The high quality yellow-red emitter is special accessory.

Crystal emitter: Frequency ranges and wavelengths:

Yellow: 52 – 78 GHz / 3,8 -5,7 mm

Red: 40 – 43 GHz / 7,1 mm

Blue: 57 – 63 GHz / 4,9 mm

Green: 52 – 57 GHz / 5,6 mm

Yellow-red: 150 GHz / 2 mm


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