Medical Applications of MMW

Medical applications of MM therapy

MM therapy can be used in primary prevention programmes, for comprehensive treatment and follow-up treatment of exacerbated chronic diseases and acute conditions as well as for secondary prevention and medical rehabilitation.


MM therapy can be indicated in the following cases:

colds, influenza, acute respiratory infections, decrease in general immunity during recovery and rehabilitation after diseases: for non-specific stimulation of the immune system, including to achieve a general invigorating effect

chronic heart failure (ischemic heart disease, stable FC I-IV stenocardia; I-II degree arterial hypertension; rhythm disturbance: rare ventricular arrhythmia, rare supraventricular ectopy to increase the antioxidant capacity of the muscles, enhance the rheological properties of the blood, stabilise the processes of cholesterol metabolism, reduce the intensity of immune inflammation, improve the endothelial function, normalise lung ventilation during physical exertion, develop light peripheral vasodilation, normalise the arterial blood pressure and the heart rate variability;

I-II degree arterial hypertension: to decrease high arterial blood pressure by adjusting sympathetic-adrenal and parasympathetic influences on the regulation of the heart function, improve the overall health;

Organic diseases of the central nervous system (ischemic stroke, multiple sclerosis, internal brain injury, traumatic encephalopathy): to improve the rheological properties of the blood, normalise cognitive and motor functions (increase the precision of simple and complex sensory-motor actions, improve intellectual and mnestic functions, enhance focusing), raise the endurance of nervous processes and restoration of nervous conductivity;

Cerebral circulatory deficiency and mild and medium discirculatory encephalopathy: to reduce headache dizziness and buzzing in the ears, lower high arterial blood pressure, alleviate focal neurological symptoms (pyramidal, cerebellar, Parkinson’s syndrome) and mental disturbances. Has a particularly positive impact on the sleep, emotions and the condition of higher cortical functions;

Problems with vessels in the lower extremities (chronic venous insufficiency, varicose vein disease, post-thrombotic syndrome): to improve local microcirculation by increasing the permeability of blood capillaries, enhance the rheological properties of the blood and intensify the regional lymph and blood flow;

Chronic inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract (chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma): to improve bronchial permeability, normalise metabolic activity, stabilise the membranes of phagocytised neutrophils, lower the intensity of peroxidation of lipids, lower the non-specific hyperactivity of the bronchi, improve the functions of external respiration, activate the discharge of bronchial mucus, reduce the frequency of coughing fits;

Chronic diseases of the spine and joints (degenerative spine diseases, osteoarthrosis, spondylarthrosis): to improve the mobility of the spine and joints, increase the amplitude of active movements in the joints (loco-motor functions), reduce oedemas and relive the pain syndrome;

Gastroduodenal ulcers: to relieve the pain syndrome and dyspeptic complaints, accelerate the healing of the ulcerous defect, alleviate psycho-emotional problems;

Diabetic polyneuropathy: to reduce the severity of the pain syndrome and the sensation of numbness and burning, alleviate sensory disorders, improve microcirculation, help with psycho-emotional problems;

Climacteric syndrome: to reduce the frequency and intensity of hot flashes, sweating, headaches and sleep disorders, increase physical capacity, normalise the oxidative status, arterial blood pressure and emotional condition;

Chronic prostatitis: to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, normalise urination, restore erection and copulative function, alleviate psycho-emotional problems;

Light depression: for mild sedative and anti-stress effect, to lower irritability and psycho-emotional distress, to correct sleep disorders and raise spirits.


  • General contraindications to physical therapy;
  • Unknown diagnosis;
  • Idiosyncrasy to electromagnetic millimetre stimulation
  • Febrile states of unclear aetiology;
  • Patients having an implanted device with autonomous power supply (in the area of the device installation);

In the case of diseases which pose a serious threat to life and health the device can be used only under the supervision of a doctor.

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