IQ-Well Scan 

The compact, effective analyzer for current body condition measurement

Note: The device does not analyze in the sense of a laboratory diagnosis. In the analysis, no promises of healing are made and it does not replace a conventional medical diagnostic method. However, based on the test results, a targeted and more effective approach can be used.


Health Condition

Analyze your body in 60 seconds

Comprehensive results

High accuracy of statements on essential bodily functions + hints for improvement

Simple application

Application without blood sampling. Clear evaluation with USB cable on the PC.

What is IQ-Well Scan?

IQ-Well Scan is a computer-aided full-body scanner based on the principles of quantum medicine that is able to measure energetic conditions beyond the blood state even more accurate at the cellular level through Scalar Waves measurements. This way it optimally serves for health prophylaxis, because energy deficits and imbalances are shown early. The scanner is very good for visualizing energetic body conditions before and after physical frequency applications or biochemical supplements.

IQ-Well Scan measures altered frequencies in the body using head and hand sensors. The analysis is completely painless and free from side effects.

What does the IQ-Well Scan do?

Full-scale analysis

Your body condition: from nutrient deficiency to lung function

Preventive care

and a more effective basis for targeted treatment

Valuable hints

for a holistic health strategy

Presentation and evaluation

of essential parameters with high accuracy

young couple jogging along a country road

How does this work?

Every organ and each cell have specific vibrational spectra or frequencies. External and internal disturbances alter these individual vibrations, e.g. through aging, nutrition, medicines, diseases or environmental influences.

IQ-Well Scan analyzes the energetic deviations from the normal vibration pattern and thus is able to detect and evaluate weak points.

  • 60 seconds can duration
  • high accuracy of the analysis
  • evaluation of essential parameters
  • specific advice for improving your body functions
  • comprehensible, simple graphical and numerical representation
  • without blood sampling

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