IQ-Well Sanadent

The mobile device for health maintenance and care of the oral cavity

Note: This is not a medical device. In Europe, devices based on millimeter waves are not recognized by academic medicine. Numerous medical studies in non-European university clinics, however, show amazing results. Many users in Europe are taking this alternative route.



Care and health

Anti-inflammatory and for the prevention of all problems in the oral cavity.

Dental care

Supportive use against caries and gum problems and for a fresh breath.

Simple application

Twice a day, for a minute each (in the morning and in the evening).

What is IQ-Well Sanadent?

Sanadent is a small, mobile device for maintaining the health and care of the oral cavity. It uses EHF (millimeter wave) and UV (ultraviolet) therapy.

Avoid a lot of dental problems and keep your breath fresh in just 1 min (in the morning and in the evening).



Where can IQ-Well Sanadent help?

Protection and treatment for caries

Reduction of gingivitis, periodontitis

Treatment of diseases of the oral mucosa (gingivitis, viral lesions)

In case of disorders and inflammations in the jaw area

Support in postoperative phases after facial surgery

Tip from dental clinic Gmunden

Applications in the dental practice.

How does this work?

The function of the device is based on the combined effect of millimeter waves and UV rays on our mucous membranes. The millimeter waves emitted by the Sanadent improve the microcirculation of the mucous membranes and reduce the tendency to form thrombosis in small vessels. In addition, oxygen radicals and hydrogen peroxide are formed. The following effects can be achieved:

  • Improvement of blood circulation
  • Treatment and prevention of inflammations
  • Dentin formation is stimulated for mouthguard
  • Fresh breath and healthy, pink gums

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