IQ-Well Profi

The professional physiotherapeutic device to support the prevention and as an accompanying measure in the classical therapeutic treatment of acute and chronic disharmonies of various causes. In Russia, this device is already widely used in clinics and hospitals.

Note: This is not a medical device. In Europe, devices based on millimeter waves are not recognized by academic medicine. Numerous medical studies in non-European university clinics, however, show amazing results. Many users in Europe are taking this alternative route.



For professional applications

We have already achieved special success in the medical and physiotherapeutic application in Russia!

High-tech from space medicine

Indium phosphide crystals for detecting, storing and correcting electromagnetic spectra.


High scientific fundament

Principles and mechanisms of the therapeutic effect of EHF therapy.

What is IQ-Well Profi?

IQ-Well Profi is a device for supporting physiotherapy work and is intended for the use of acute as well as chronic diseases in various degrees of geneses.

The device does not only allow an individually tailored EHF therapy session. Instead, the particularly effective therapeutic support for the desired genesis is based on simultaneously combinable different physiotherapeutic influence methods, which complement each other efficiently in the IQ-Well Profi.

What does the IQ-Well Profi do?

The proven effects of using EHF therapy cover a broad spectrum. Can help with:

  • Normalization of vascular tone and activation of microcirculation
  • Normalization of rheological properties in the blood
  • Pronounced anti-inflammatory effect
  • Pronounced analgesic effect
  • Acceleration and increase of regeneration efficiency
  • Immunomodulatory effect
  • Normalization of regulatory processes
  • Anti-stress activity
  • Increasing the non-specific resistance of an organism to harmful factors

The use of the device IQ-Well Profi in combination with traditional medicine has shown very good therapeutic benefits in Russian clinics (e. g. drug withdrawal, rehabilitation after surgery and chemotherapy support).

How does this work?

The emitters use indium phosphide crystals (InP). Due to their properties in combination with a specific control mode, these can detect, store and, if necessary, correct external electromagnetic spectra. These patented crystal emitters with recording function then serve as a source of radiation information for the background radiation – based on the individualized record during therapy.

In addition, spectra of a number of active ingredients, herbs, functional states of physiological processes, etc. can be stored/recorded on these crystals (InP).

Such intelligently dynamically combinable abilities of the built-in crystal phosphors on an indium phosphide basis enable a successful multifunctional application in therapeutic schemes and algorithms of IWT (Information Wave Therapy).

The principles and mechanisms of the therapeutic effect of EHF therapy itself nowadays have a highly scientific basis and experimental evidence base.

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