IQ-Well Vital Medaillions

Practical helpers for everyday life: 8 versions to support your personal goals and for different intended uses.


Note: The Vital Medaillions are not medical products.

Higher quality of life

The patented information technology of the 8 IQ-Well Vital Medaillions will help you stay healthy with more energy and balance!

Targeted Application

Transfer information (electromagnetic waves / frequencies) and thus have a positive influence on your body. Choose from 8 Vital Medallions for your application goal.

Simple and practical application

For the application on problem areas, wearable as a bracelet or pendant or for structuring water and the closer body environment.

Which Vital Medaillions are available? Where do they help?

  • More energy, improved sleep.
  • Strengthening of mental stability (self-confidence, intuition, decisions).
  • Protection against electric smog (when working on PC or your mobile phone).
  • Improvement of the skin and nervous system.
  • Regeneration of tissue (e.g. scars and cellulite).
  • Increase of physical resistance.
  • Activation of the immune system and improvement of the metabolism.
  • Accelerated regeneration in diseases, treatments and. postoperative problems.
  • Reduces insulin use.
  • Holistic body cleansing.
  • Improves the functions of the circulatory system, blood, intestine, kidneys, microcirculation, gall bladder, liver.
  • Discharge of toxins and heavy metals.
  • Especially for women: 2 medaillions for the application during the day and at night.
  • Optimization of all metabolic processes and the hormonal balance.
  • Reduction of the sensation of hunger and weight stabilization.
  • Especially for men: 2 medaillions for the application during the day and at night.
  • Optimization of all metabolic processes and the testosterone balance.
  • Reduction of the sensation of hunger and weight stabilization.

What are IQ-Well Vital Medaillions?

IQ-Well Vital Medaillions are a patented achievement in information technology in the form of a medallion for hanging up or application.

They transmit information (electromagnetic waves) and thus have a positive effect on our body.

In total, we offer 8 different medaillions to support your personal application goals.

What can the IQ-Well Vital Medaillions do? (Applications)


The IQ-Well Vital Medaillions can improve a person’s adaptability, restore their connection of information, and resolve conflicts and tensions.

The positive effect of the medallions helps to improve the quality of life at all levels.

The effect of the individual medallions is multifaceted, holistic and has a positive influence on all vital systems of our body.

How does this work?

An IQ-WELL VITAL MEDAILLION uses the energy of the environment to create revitalizing electromagnetic waves of a particular spectrum that have a targeted impact.

Scientists have discovered which areas of the electromagnetic spectrum normally correspond to what types of tissues, organs, physiological processes and states of the body. By maintaining normal oscillations of cells and tissues in the Millimeter range (Millimeterwaves/ Life force waves), it is possible to activate regeneration processes.

Due to the specially selected frequency spectrum, each IQ-WELL VITAL MEDAILLION has a general harmonizing effect as well as a targeted effect on the information and regulation signals of cells and intracellular structures of certain tissues and organs as well as on certain physiological processes and conditions of the body. This allows the use of IQ-WELL VITAL MEDAILLIONS both for the maintenance of the general body condition as well as for the activation of regeneration processes in certain organs and tissues.

The medaillions do not require an external source of energy and do not need to be turned on or off.

  • Apply to the pulmonary artery on the neck or crook of the hand
  • Apply to problem areas on the body
  • Wear as a pendant or bracelet
  • Transfer the information to structured water

Wear time: 2 hours a day, 3 weeks, every 6 days a break.

No side effects.

Feedback of our customers

Ich trage das graue Medaillon täglich 2 Stunden zu Beginn meiner Arbeit über einen Zeitraum von 3 Wochen. Ich arbeite produktiver und gleichzeitig entspannter.
Jürgen Schönstein

Meine Haut und Haare fühlen sich besser an und mein Herz-Kreislauf-System wird angeregt, wenn ich mein wöchentliches Verjüngungsbad nehme. Dazu lege ich einfach das rote Medaillon mit in die Badewanne.
Michaela Schultz

Ich stelle mir mein eigenes, strukturiertes Heilwasser her, da unser Körper größtenteils aus Wasser besteht und es viele biochemische Reaktionen beeinflusst.
Simone Hochfeld

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