IQ-Well Delta

The robust and compact small device for easy energizing of water and body zones to be used on the way, while traveling and for children’s hands.

Note: This is not a medical device. In Europe, devices based on millimeter waves are not recognized by academic medicine. Numerous medical studies in non-European university clinics, however, show amazing results. Many users in Europe are taking this alternative route.


Higher quality of life

Support of vitality, activation of the immune system and relaxation with a single device.

Quick Fix

Small and handy for everyday use – 10 min application

Simple and functional

Recording and transmission of frequencies to the body and water.

What is IQ-Well Delta?

IQ-Well Delta is a handy portable device for frequency acquisition and transmission to your body or water for structuring.

With the device you can record individual frequencies (e. g. of active substances, herbs), store them and place them on problem areas of the body or transfer them to water. The recorded frequencies transmitted to the organism have very positive effects on numerous functional processes in the body.

Where can the IQ-Well Delta help?

For strengthening the immune system and defenses
For the acceleration of healing processes
For stress and strain relief
For better concentration and learning skills
For structuring water, drinks and foods
Healthy woman doing exercising on the beach, girl doing sport ou

How does this work?

Every organ and each cell have specific vibrational spectra or frequencies. External and internal disturbances alter these individual vibrations, e.g. through illness, stress or environmental influences.

IQ-Well Delta sends millimeter frequencies to our body with an indium phosphide crystal (if you apply it on problem areas for 10 min) or records individual frequencies beforehand (1 min).

  • Apply quickly and easily: 10 to 30 minutes a day suffice
  • Direct application on the body (placement on respective problem areas)
  • 3 different programs for recording and sending millimeter-wave frequencies
  • Small and handy: usable on the go or for the harmonization of space
  • Structuring of water is possible

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