IQ-Well Alpha

The multifunctional device for diversified applications for the whole family including frequency recording and transmission (with colored display for body zone illustration). Your medicine chest.

Note: This is not a medical device. In Europe, devices based on millimeter waves are not recognized by academic medicine. Numerous medical studies in non-European university clinics, however, show amazing results. Many users in Europe are taking this alternative route.

Higher quality of life

5 individual programs and 5 crystal emitters to support general well-being.

Recording function of millimeter waves

Transmission of recorded frequency specters to problem areas of the body and for structuring water.

Stay healthy

Strengthen your self-healing powers at the cellular level with life waves.

The uniqueness of MMW-based IQ-Well devices is to capture, store and transmit information from every living and non-living matter. 


What is IQ-Well Alpha?

The device for frequency recording and – transmission to our body or to water for structuring.

  • Supports vitality, activation of the body’s defenses and relaxation with one device.
  • Small and handy for everyday use – 10 min. application.
  • Recording and transmission of frequencies to the body and water.

IQ-Well Alpha is a professional device for frequency acquisition and transmission to your body or water for structuring.

The underlying millimeter-wave technology was developed specifically for health maintenance of cosmonauts in the space industry.

Choose from 5 different programs and 5 crystal emitters to positively support your quality of life in different areas.

The ideal home medicine chest for the entire family.

What does IQ-Well Alpha do?

Program 1: General Strengthening and Alignment

More energy and vitality, anti-stress effect and relaxation, activation of acupuncture points and meridians.

Program 2: Lymphatic and Nervous System

Can support immune system and self-healing, reduce tension and nervousness, blood improvement, pain relief.

Program 3: Skin and Blood Application

Supports the improvement of skin properties, regeneration and optimization of blood and tissue oxygen levels.

Program 4: Recording function

Record individual frequencies, e.g. of body problem zones or supplements and many others for individual correction options on the body cell level through direct or indirect information transfer (crystal emitter is fixed directly on the body or information is transferred to the daily drinking water)

Program 5: Structuring the water

Water will be energized and structured and can then be additionally charged with individual information (from recording function) = optimal drinking cure or ideal for masks and body wraps.

How does this work?

The active effect is achieved by the unique physical properties of indium phosphide crystals. Millimeter frequencies are sent that help our cells and organs to communicate better with each other.

In order to stay healthy, the IQ-Well Alpha helps to keep our individual energy information system in harmony. With 5 different programs, you can achieve your individual health or optimization goal

  • Easy and quick application: 10 to 30 minutes daily are sufficient
  • Direct application on the body or structuring of water possible
  • Recording function/scanning of pathogenic information and storage in the crystal emitter
  • Optimal transfer of recorded information to problem areas to stimulate the self-healing powers (healing impulses)
  • Extensive user manual with many suggestions for everyday wellness use
  • Unique, patented millimeter-wave crystal emitter

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