IQ-Well Balance

The multifunctional lifestyle device in pocket format, to master various stresses in everyday life.

Note: This is not a medical device. In Europe, devices based on millimeter waves are not recognized by academic medicine. Numerous medical studies in non-European university clinics, however, show amazing results. Many users in Europe are taking this alternative route.

What is IQ-Well Balance?

Balance is a very advanced, small and thus easily portable, mobile bioenergy device. The handling is very easy. The device combines two spectra: extremely high frequency (EHF) waves and infrared (IR) radiation. These frequencies complement each other perfectly in the human body.

Choose from 5 programs to positively support the quality of life: balance, anti-stress, wave mode, wellness, power.

How can this work?

The IQ-Well Balance has a built-in generator that generates millimeter waves (MMW) (frequencies between 40 and 43 GHz with wavelengths between 7.5 and 6.98 mm) and a generator that generates infrared (IR) rays (wavelengths between 1.2 and 0.8 μm). The power is supplied by a CR2032 battery.

The MMW generator is based on a Silicon-Germanium crystal. Thanks to this crystalline semiconductor technology, the IQ-WELL Balance becomes a bionic analogy of the living cell. Not only is it able to generate and send identical healthy cell biosignals to the state of the actual cells. Instead, the device can also receive the communications of the surrounding cells and then retransmit the dynamically modulated signal. That means, it constantly adjusts the operation of the entire system to the energetic requirements of the body. Because the MMW bioinformation signals change hundreds of times per minute, and according to quantum field theory whereby the environment also affects the information, the balance sends the updated harmonized information again at each instantaneous change – based on its intelligent feedback technology. The built-in antenna receives all millimeter wave spectrum signals and fast microprocessor circuits can select different types of algorithms for stress reduction, power supply, regulation or harmonization based on the current status of the body.

What can the IQ-Well Balance do?

Balance can protect and restore your health by interacting with the body’s energy and information system (EIS) at a cellular level and linking the EIS to the environment. It is a highly effective tool for the rehabilitation of tissue and organ failure. It not only affects the body but harmonizes it with the environment and other living organisms in the environment. Balance can adapt and harmonize your own body to your environment.

The device neither diagnoses nor heals discomfort. However, it re-aligns the energy fields of the living body to activate its own healing protocols.

Balance is intended for everyday use to increase vitality, improve quality of life and balance the psycho-emotional state. It serves the production of a holistic well-being.

The immediate positive effects are sustainable and have a long-term effect. This effect can be further improved if the device is used daily for a period of about 2 weeks. Due to the general regeneration cycle of the body, after this period an interval break until the next application is recommended.

IQ-WELL Balance offers versatile applications not only for humans, but also (domestic) animals have the positive effect.

The Balance device has a huge variety of performance, dynamics and power!

The versatile applications are listed in the overview. Each program has its own individual characteristics. In principle, you can select and start each of the 5 programs. However, it is advisable to apply also the other programs one after the other after using program 1 in order to improve the overall effect on the organism by using the multifunctionality of the frequencies.

The following distinctive performance parameters will be discussed in more detail:

Electrosmog and 5 G (Program 1)

The mode of action is based on 2 facts:

  1. The device maintains the energetic balance in the body, i.e. it neutralizes the negative e-smog and 5G influences in a constantly changing environment. The cell communication spectrum, which is adapted dynamically several times a minute, is transmitted to the body only when needed (in the case of a reduction in cell membrane voltage detected by the device). This results in a kind of training / learning effect, so that the body cells are able to mantain their positive bio-energetic frequency pulses by a healthy natural cell voltage level. The innovation of this method is based on the fact that the body is not generally shielded from other frequencies from the environment, but its adaptability to the cellular level to a rapidly changing environment is optimized, trained and thus strengthened self-sufficient. As a result, the energy level of the body does not decrease, so that a vital performance is maintained throughout the day. Only in this way can the body use the saved energy resources during the night for repair and regeneration processes, which in the medium term also makes itself biologically noticeable in a slowing down of the aging process.
  2. The frequencies of the Si-Ge generator lead to a harmonious structuring of the water particles present in the air when using the device. As a result, the environment – enriched with electrosmog (radios, PC, mobile phone) – is less stressful for the body (elimination of information pollution). This also applies to 5 G.
Water structuring (Program 1)

The millimeter waves of the IQ-WELL Balance stabilize the “memory of the water”. I.e. due to the unique storage capacity of the water, the water regains its hexagonal structure.

Recommended Use:

Fill water into a cup or decanter made of thin glass (2-4 mm). It should not contain an inscription, a cut or a metal! Bring the IQ-Well Balance device into direct contact with the filled water container (or hold over the food) and select program 1 for at least 3 min (longer for larger water containers / decanters).

The same procedure can also be applied to products with a high water content – including food.

Anti-stress (Program 2)

Balance relieves the effects of stress. The device also works in cases of overexertion, fatigue, increased irritability, psycho-emotional stress (exam anxiety, business conversations, anxiety states, mood swings, sleep disorders). All phases that cause stress reactions are harmonized.

Recommendation: Place the device on the main energy points. These points are shown in the user manual.

Defenses and immune system (Program 3)

Balance causes an increase in the microcirculation – due to an improved oxygen saturation of the blood. This corrects weakened organ zones and their supply of energy for cell communication.

Through the emitted impulse with corresponding energetic information, the organism can find its way back to its original harmonic state. Strengthening the immune system results in a reduction of the healing period after injuries and promotes detoxification.

Holistic well-being (Program 4)

Balance activates energy channels (meridians) and energy points as well as the chakras. Blockages are loosened, relaxation comes. Also on a psychological level! The life energy can flow freely. This restores the energy balance of the body. The oxygen saturation in the blood and thus the brain functions improve (for example, ideal for avoiding jetlag, mental imbalances).

The corresponding projection zones are shown in the user manual.

Blood circulation support (Program 5)

Infrared frequencies promote the personal life energy, increase the energy of the cells. The stimulation of the energy channels takes place in the area of the large blood vessels.

The corresponding illustrations can be found in the user manual.

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