IQ-Well and the power of millimeter waves

Our technology can help to increase your well-being and energy with a holistic concept at the cellular level. Rejuvenation effects are not excluded. IQ-Well unites latest findings of biophysics with those of energy medicine. We invite you to understand why this technology (MMW) is highly effective and gentle.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Nikola Tesla

Discover the revolutionary approach to your well-being. Unique products that improve your cell communication and positively affect lifespan.

What can IQ-Well do for me?

The holistic concept of the millimeter-wave application of IQ-Well makes it possible to counteract a multitude of diseases at the cellular level. Discover the great number of ways to improve your health.

The uniqueness of IQ-Well devices

With our devices you enjoy the revolutionary technology of millimeter-waves, also called life waves.  



High efficiency due to high frequency range

The performance of the IQ-Well devices allows high efficiency, which goes beyond the normal frequency range.

Targeted applications by various high-quality crystal emitters

The different colored diodes of the IQ-Well devices are designed for different frequency ranges. The innovative crystal grids allow an accurate recording and return of frequencies.

Simple all-around analysis of your body

With IQ-Well Scan, you can analyze a variety of body parameters without having to do a blood test. This allows you to identify problems early and therapeutic success quickly.

Application takes place both on the body and through the structuring of water

The body consists of 60% water. You can opt for a direct application (on the skin) or structure and individualize your drinking water. Both methods have a positive effect on your well-being.

Great variety of applications through various programs

Each device of IQ-Well has a variety of programs for different application purposes. Thus, the high-quality millimeter-wave technology is very versatile (varies depending on the device).

Proven technology from over 30 years of research, patents and awards

Millimeter-wave therapy (MMW) is already a common practice in Russia for the treatment of various ailments. Now you can profit from the high-quality devices by IQ-Well outside Russia.

Made in the EU and CE certified

All IQ-Well products and accessories are approved and manufactured in the EU.


We offer 2 years warranty on all products

Extensive service

Get information about usage and answers to questions

14- day money-back-guarantee

We are firm believers in our products. Convince yourself now.

Insured shipping

From 15.00 EUR all over Germany. We also deliver worldwide upon request.

How do the devices work?

Discover how MMW can act at the cellular level. Learn more about how our devices work and their underlying scientific principles.


Recording/storage of body frequencies (e.g. disharmonies)


Return of an individually optimized harmonic frequency spectrum


Optimized result after use: increased well-being (physically and mentally)


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