How the MMW applications work

Introduction to millimeter-wave applications

Modern energy medicine as well as new biophysics considers the human body as a combination of physical matter and energetic information, which corresponds to the basic postulate of quantum physics – the dualism of energy and matter.

Scientists have long ago discovered that electromagnetic waves are information carriers and signal transducers in the physical world. There is, so to speak, an electromagnetic frequency spectrum as a kind of universal language through which the transmission and reception of information between physical systems of living organisms takes place.

An energetically low, but individually tailored information impulse therefore ensures a strong physiological, holistic self-regulating effect – without tissue or structural changes being made externally.

The health effects of EHF (ultrahigh frequencies in the millimeter-wave range)

Over the years, medical experts and biophysicists have identified and tested natural biological frequencies, including their action rhythms and areas of influence for the health of humans and animals. This knowledge about the informative processes in the intracellular cell communication (extracellular and intracellular) was first applied, especially in space research, to the health of astronauts in space. These specific EHFs – also called life waves – can be transmitted very effectively with the help of specially grown high-performance storage crystals. A very special feature of these crystals is their ability to capture individual cell state information and to optimize it – intracellularly digestible – and to transfer it back.

Different parts of the body, organs and cells each need a specific frequency spectrum in order to be able to communicate with each other unhindered in order to keep the body healthy or to set in motion self-healing mechanisms. Therefore, there are very different crystal emitters with different high frequency bands and wavelengths.

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The EHF therapy uses frequencies of 40-150 GHz  (109 Hz) with very low intensity. This is an essential frequency range in the communication between human body cells. The EHF wave intensity is less than 10 milliwatts, which is approximately equivalent to the light output of a light emitting diode on a remote control. By comparison, the electrical power of a simple GSM phone is around 2000 milliwatts. These ultra-high EHF frequency bands in the crystal emitters are able to reach cells extremely quickly, directly and simultaneously gently to provide information that is biologically compatible with an individual cell metabolism.

Ergo: Frequency bands are information carriers. This is well known e.g. from radio waves (103 Hz-106 Hz) In contrast, the waves of sunlight are even in a much higher frequency range  (Petahertz 1015 Hz).
However, it always depends on which information is transmitted or modulated over these carrier frequencies and which pulsation and intensity they are subject to. These may be, as with the crystal emitters used in the IQ-WELL, health-enhancing, harmonic, biologically useful information, or, in contrast, technical data such as e.g. planned at 5G (3-71GHz). These are highly-pulsed, interfering, occasionally highly intensive, technical, cell biologically unusable data sets that may eventually adversely affect the overall energy level of the body.

Live waves = dualism of energy and matter

Our body is a system made of cells

The human body consists of approximately 100 trillion cells. The healthier and more efficient these cells work together as a whole, the more vital the person is. Each individual cell has a perfect system for receiving information, food, oxygen, etc. and eliminating waste products. This happens through the outer membranes of the cells.

Membrane voltage of the cells affects our body

The membrane voltage in a healthy person is 60 – 90 mV (millivolts). If this, however, is above or below this range, the cell has no energy and then works at lower power – which, sooner or later, leads to energy shortages, supply shortages and finally diseases. That means, the body’s natural self-regulation is overruled.

MMW technology returns live waves back to us

The various millimeter wave devices generate the same frequencies as the membranes of our cells. As soon as these healthy, life-promoting frequencies come into contact with the body, resonance develops and the cell’s natural healthy vibrations increase again. The body ‘remembers’, as it were, its birth program. This can very quickly and effectively restore the performance of the entire organism. But this is only the first effect of the influence of millimeter waves.

Frequency therapy offers us the opportunity for self-optimization

As we are all exposed to multiple daily stressors and less and less able to maintain an optimal, healthy lifestyle in all areas, it is now more important than ever to provide the body with rapid, effective support for self-regulation. In practice, this means having access to our individual energy filling station independent of location and time, providing exactly what the body needs without any side effects. Today, this option is offered by modern frequency therapy, which, with the further development of millimeter wave therapy, represents the top tier of innovative regulatory medicine.

The first pillar of MMW applications

The first pillar is related to the receptors on the cell walls – a kind of antenna function. Each cell has receptors that receive and pass on information from outside.

If the receptors have a decreased sensitivity to hormones and important signal substances, e.g. vitamins, enzymes, etc., the cells are ineffective in terms of processing and less efficient for the interaction in the entire organism. This happens, for example, if you have a healthy nutrition, but you’re still susceptible to disease or certain healthy foods are not metabolized.

A receptor can be more or less active. The various millimeter wave instruments also activate the receptors so that they become more active again and are able to receive and relay information completely.

This way, often tedious treatment-resistance in coping with long or partly chronic health problems are quickly eliminated. It’s like a perfect game where all the contributors work together optimally in sync in order to achieve the best possible result. This holistic recovery effect of the organism is inevitably perceived in the form of energy gain, mental strength and balance as well as stress resistance.

Ineffective receptors
Ineffective absorption of vitamins, hormones etc.
Diseases and chronic problems
Reactivation of the receptors by MMW
Energy, mental strength, balance

The second pillar

Reproduce your individual frequencies

The second pillar in millimeter-wave applications is based on the use of patented crystal frequency emitters with controlled energy structure that can not only store, reproduce and amplify signals from healthy cells, but also individually read out pathogenic information and reproduce them in such a way that the diseased cells will return to healthy functionality. These cutting-edge crystal properties are unique in the world and currently only being produced in Russia on the basis of proprietary patents.

The cycle is completed by the simultaneous optimization of the supply of oxygen to the blood, resulting in tremendous positive effects on mental condition and psyche.

New fields of application are opening up ever further. Thus, millimeter waves can also be used naturally for cosmetic treatments in order to stimulate the skin and reduce wrinkles. The skin becomes less moist with age; however, by strengthening the cell membrane and improving blood circulation, the natural appearance of skin moisture can be restored.

Recording/storage of body frequencies (e.g. disharmonies)


Return of an individually optimized harmonic frequency spectrum


Optimized result after use: increased well-being (physically and mentally)


The third pillar

A human, his organs and tissues consist of 60 – 80% of water. The quality of life and life expectancy of a human being are highly dependent on the quality and characteristics of water. The water in the human body has special, unique properties and fulfills several functions:

Water structures, transports, transmits information and influences many biochemical reactions and functional processes.

Therefore, the structuring and individual information of our drinking water has to be attached very high importance to. With the various millimeter wave devices, you can not only structure your drinking water, but also transfer individually desired or scanned information to the water (including healing essences, medicines, cosmetics, etc.).

The millimeter waves stabilize the “memory of the water”. That means, due to the unique storage capacity of water (because of the property of water to group into clusters), the desired individual information transfer intensifies through the crystal emitter with the recorded information.

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