MMW/Waves of life – A quantum leap in frequency therapy


Why is the utilization of millimeter wave/life wave technology (EHF) such a tremendous progress?

For several decades, there has been rapid progress worldwide in researching and utilization information and frequency technologies. Thus, one can assign certain frequency windows to the functioning of our organs, because all forms of matter are formed by vibration and energy. So today we already know general organ frequencies of a healthy body and can possibly transfer these by different frequency transmitters and/or resonance methods (with indicated need) to the body.

The absolute novelty about life-wave technology (EHF) is on the one hand the exactly individualized frequency transmission, which can be done locally, easily and within a few minutes in all kinds of body sites. This means: With the new crystal emitters one can clearly determine the respective frequency/energy requirement, store it and immediately transfer it in a flexible way. The transmission of the individually required frequencies can take place directly on the body or via water.

The other innovative aspect of this technology, as its name implies, is that the devices work in conjunction with the patented crystal emitters in the EHF area. This means that they use exactly this high-frequency communication spectrum, which is used by the human body as a superordinate system for the maintenance of all vital functions. This also explains the relatively fast effectiveness of the applications, as they are deeply – and at the same time broadly effective. This kind of effective high-frequency transmission was so far not possible in this way. As a result, regeneration blocks can now be dissolved autonomously very quickly and in a gentle way. Because the body receives exactly the energy that he needs at that moment.

The various awards that this technology has received worldwide in professional circles proves its exceptional effectiveness, which gained now more and more enthusiastic users in the USA, in addition to Russia, where it was invented, who take the responsibility for their health and that of their families in their own hands.

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