Effects of e-smog and 5G frequencies on health and how to optimally protect oneself
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Effects of e-smog and 5G frequencies on health and how to optimally protect oneself

Effects of e-smog and 5G frequencies on health and how to optimally protect oneself

The influences and effects of electrosmog and 5G frequency loads are an essential topic. Unfortunately, as network expansion is progressing rapidly, we as IQ-WELL have taken up the issue at the right time and with international scientific support from the USA and Russia, asking whether there is any – scientifically sound – protection. Before we come to the – affirmative – answer, it requires for a better understanding a fundamental sight on the background. Therefore the following information:

1. Why does 5G have such a massive impact on our well-being?

In short, because the gigahertz high-frequency range used at 5G, which are used as a carrier wave for transmitting technical information, are exactly the same as our cells communicate with each other. I.e. exactly those high-frequency waves in the gigahertz range, which are used for some years in space medicine and also in many clinics in Russia and the USA for healing or for compensating of imbalances.

2. But what is the serious difference to the healthy high-frequency millimeter waves?

The answer lies exactly in the type / content of the pulsed information. Healthy millimeter waves (also called life waves) represent a targeted energy supply to raise the cell voltage of diseased cells or organ systems back to a healthy level around the -70mV. As a result, the self-regulation / self-healing mechanisms of the body are triggered again.

But the technical data, which are pulsed at 5G for the millimeter waves, are not bioavailable (so they are perceived as system disturbing by the physical energy system). However, due to the frequency range of the carrier wave, which is indeed in the biorelevant range, the body initially picks it up and attempts to usefully exploit this information. Ultimately, however, the organism can not do anything with it. Profan comparison to the PC: strong computing power, but wrong software – system runs for a while and then hangs up. Or more practical: We are forced to listen to a radio station as background music throughout the day, constantly sending out something that one does understand as gibberish nor does not like . The result: energy loss, mental stress or overstrain.

We again state that millimeter waves or high frequencies are not generally harmful. It depends on the pulsed information.

3. E-smog protection in the form of devices

There are devices that have been proven to shield. I.e. either one is as under a Faraday cage or some devices let only pass a certain healthy frequency range. That may bring immediate relaxation – but what happens after a few weeks? One becomes tired again and the medium-term result is an increased electromagnetic hypersensitivity, as soon as one no longer wears the screening protective devices. The body has quickly become accustomed to navigate under a bell, so to speak, and the body’s readiness resp. willingness and ability to sustain cell tension in energetic interventions is dramatically decreasing. It should only be mentioned that viruses and bacteria also affect the cell voltage. So if there is not enough power / ‘juice’ / voltage in the system, there is no current and therefore no cell communication, which is permanently necessary for all bodily functions. In addition, you get tired because there are so many frequency ranges between heaven and earth, from which you also shield yourself and that may even have more lasting consequences in our time …

Resume: Shielding is no sustainable optimal solution.

4. The right approach to the solution

As with a muscle, cells can also be trained to restore their cell tension independently and effectively, if it should decrease due to technical high-frequency influences, so that there is no communication deficit in the body. What does it need? First, such a system would need to detect quickly and automatically when one is faced with real energy losses and cell voltage issues, and secondly, should deliver a targeted energetic frequency pulse in the bioavailable spectrum that the body understands and can use immediately to self-energetically ‘recharge’ / to balance.

5. Our principle: Enhancing individual cell training

So you can also use millimeter waves, which can give us back as biologically compatible life waves exactly what we have lost at the moment. Namely, only the frequency range, which we individually need at the moment, so that the body itself can arrange / learn everything, in order to protect successively better and better against various types of energy losses by e-smog, 5G, etc. The body is thus trained to set up an internal alert when disturbing frequency influences intervene in the basic biological communication. Interestingly, the attention of the cells is always automatically directed primarily to those frequencies that are recognized even under disturbing influences as the biologically exploitable. Thus, not only the body but also the cell as a whole is trained step by step to identify these types of new technical ‘frequencies’ in time and to ‘make them no longer heard’ so that the system does not lose the individual energetic balance. Logically, this only works if you start to emit powerful identical carrier waves in the high-frequency range (which are biologically recyclable since they do not contain any technical uploads) at the moment when a disturbing attack starts or is actively perceived by the body and thus the energy level starts to drop.

6. The practical application of this principle

The principle is not new, but has been explored in space medicine in recent years and successfully applied to the international space flights of the US and Russia, and more recently also to the ISS, as cosmonauts in space are exposed to quite different, even more aggressive radiations and frequencies which can cause lasting damage to the organism. Of course, this must be prevented under all circumstances, since astronauts now often work alone without a doctor for many months in orbit. They carry small miniature devices that measure the energetic level of the body several hundred times per second and only send a short biological live wave impulse in the millimeter-wave frequency range when energy is lost, which enables the cells to autonomously revert to the individual energetic standard state. This is an active training that strengthens the cells and thus the entire body in general. The cosmonaut Poljakov, who used this technology first  in his space missions in the mid-90s, returned evidentially rejuvenated from the space capsule after more than a year in space.

7. Are these devices now available here on earth for everyone?

And most importantly: are the devices easy to use and affordable too? The good news is: yes! If you want to actively lead and transform your body into the mode of optimized self-regulatory ability (actually an evolutionarily pending step), you should take a closer look at this website:

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I. Schwarz from IQ-Well

Note: In the above, we refer to the reactions of the human body when staying in public space. However, we also believe that a comprehensive, stable (concretely aligned) shielding in a house, in an apartment or at the sleeping berth is definitely useful and recommended.

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