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With the help of electromagnetic frequencies (vibrations), which are located in a very specific frequency window of certain bodily organ areas, certain impulses are set / healthy suggestions initiated. Due to the special body-conforming pulsation and identical frequency characteristic of these high-frequency waves (EHF), which correspond exactly to the body’s own cell communication language (approx. 30 to 300 GHz – wavelength range 10-1mm), an accurate targeting of organs is possible. In combination with an additional combination mode of background resonance radiation (HRS), energetic structures can be absorbed, fixed and held stable as needed by the innovative patented high-tech crystals .The novelty is a flexible combination of broadband noise radiation and simultaneous transmission of fixed frequencies, which have an unprecedented depth of penetration into the upper layers of the epidermis (300-1000μm). The resulting enormously increased therapeutic effectiveness is due to the fact that all the receptors of the nervous system, capillaries of the blood vessel system, the endocrine system and the leukocyte depots can be simultaneously addressed and influenced combined.

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