How does IQ-Well technology change our human body energy?

GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization) tests have been carried out by the Institute for Bioelectrophotonics with our IQ-Well products. In the following we proudly present the results:


The IQ-WELL technology works:

  • Systemic – This means that all organs are brought into harmony at the same time and the EHF waves do not only act locally, where the crystal is located.
  • Very strong on the physical level. Compared to other energetic methods, IQ-WELL applications and especially the individually structured water act directly on the physical (= organ) level.
  • There is an increase in the overall health index of the measured persons.
  • The regulation index (body self-regulation) reaches a high and stable normal level.
  • The stress index is decreasing (in stressed individuals) and levels are at a level of normal daily activity.
  • The energy field is balanced and more pronounced.
  • The chakras receive more energy and a much higher (right-left) balance than before IQ-WELL application
  • This technology works directly on the entire energy level and positively fuels the inner mental balance.

Chakra before IQ-WELL applications

Chakra after IQ-WELL application

Diagram psychic-emotional level (before)

Diagram physical level (after)

Energy field psychic emotional level (before)

Energy field physical and psychic-emotional level (after)

Energy field psychic-emotional level overall changes (before-after in comparison)

Diagram stress index

Diagram regulations index

Diagram health index

How to measure the energy of our body?

What is GDV?

GDV stands for Gas Discharge Visualization. GVD technology provides a reliable and recognized representation and interpretation of the bioenergetic radiation of a biological object (e.g., a human). Because each of us creates and moves an electromagnetic field, which radiates externally in different intensity. These bioenergies can be measured and analyzed.

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