Applications of MMW technology / life waves

Proven effectiveness of millimeter waves

The millimeter-wave applications have been clinically tested in Russia and the US for many years and have proven to be highly efficient, allowing them to be used even today in all current space missions. Because there it is especially important to keep the body and the immune system optimally under almost environmentally harmful living conditions. Various scientific tests have clearly shown that the millimeter waves can model and stimulate the vital life forces of an organism “independent of any disharmony”.

In Russia alone, the clinical efficiency of millimeter-wave technology is well documented, since many hundreds of thousands of hospital patients have been medicated with a high success rate. Millimeter Wave technology was explicitly recommended by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and is scientifically certified.

In short, what can millimeter wave devices do for us today?

There are devices in professional format for therapeutical facilities, but also devices in mobile phone format as well as the small mobile “pocket clinic” for people on the go or even very special devices for individual body regions (for example teeth, eyes, etc.).

Scientifically based research on millimeter-wave technology records:

  • prevent the development of physical imbalances and chronic problems through antipolarization of all harmful influences
  • suppress development of harmful microorganisms
  • improve immunity
  • increase the vitality and efficiency
  • reduce fatigue
  • increase the stress tolerance
  • harmonize nervous strain (burn-out prevention)
  • improve sleep rhythm and depth
  • alleviate all types of pain
  • increase the microcirculation
  • balance the metabolism of the body
  • slow down the aging process and thus extend life
  • prevent the transition from an acute stage to a chronic condition
  • lower the risk of oncological disharmony
  • maybe increase the effectiveness of drugs and reduce their toxicity and side effects
  • support as an adjunctive measure and shorten treatment duration of classic therapies
  • improve health of patients with heart disease
  • accelerate the recovery of fractures by two to three times
  • structuring drinking water and thereby energizing the body’s own fluids
  • the patented function of recording enables the creation of an individual nosode

Advantages of millimeter wave applications:

Versatile and easy to use
No side effects
Painless application
Independence of medicines
Medicine of the future

Meanwhile, just like you, more and more people around the world are interested in this revolutionary technology, because the millimeter-wave devices offered are now so versatile and easy to use – but also in professional format for therapeutic staff, doctors, veterinarians and biologists around the world. Numerous awards for millimeter-wave devices in Europe (Paris, London, Berlin) document this positive trend-setting development.

More and more people want to be independent of regular medication, which can produce many side effects in the long run with unforeseeable consequences. Many stressful conditions are based on a lack of energy throughout the body.

Millimeter wave technology (EHF) is one of the non-invasive, gentle, completely pain-free methods (ideal for children, people with certain intolerances or sensitivities), which acts without any risk on the organism and increases its overall specific resistance, restoring the natural dynamic balance of healthy autonomous natural frequencies.

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