Possible applications of the device IQ-Well Sanadent in the dental clinic
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Possible applications of the device IQ-Well Sanadent in the dental clinic

Tooth extraction in heavy smokers, wound healing in diabetic patients, chronic gingivitis followed by periodontosis and jaw wasting, tooth loosening – these are challenges in the daily practice of a dentist.

After a severe extraction or when prolonged wound healing is suspected (such as in heavy smokers), dentists  can provide the patients with great comfort by using the IQ-Well Sanadent. The wound should be treated directly in the mouth 3 times daily for a period of 3 days.

For this purpose, the patient can be given the device home with him.  The head of the device shall be protected with a fingerstall against moisture and for hygienic reasons.

The big advantages of Sanadent treatment are pain relief without medication and faster wound healing.

Very helpful is the device for bleeding gums, which leads to gingivitis and – untreated – to periodontitis and jaw wasting. Here, however, a more complex long-term treatment is needed.

Patients can be given the Sanadent device home after an operation.

The application is performed directly on the gums along the arch – inside and out. An application time of 50 minutes – spread over the day – should not be exceeded. As deeper layers of the periodontal are activated, the effect is sustainable. Patients will be symptom free for 6 months. In these cases, it is also useful if the patient acquires his own device.

With this type of therapy, dentists have already achieved very good results. The tooth loosening has improved, the bone level of the patient has remained stable.

Also, very positive effects have been observed with the Sanadent in diabetic patients, where wound healing is difficult in every respect (e.g., those suffering from ulcus cruris) and where one usually can not manage without antibiotic.

In the course of the applications, other effects also appeared. Due to the impact on the reduction of the bacterial count in the oral cavity, the halitosis also goes back. In the initial stage of staphylococcal angina in the pharyngeal area relieve the difficulty swallowing, sometimes the pain is even eliminated.


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October 2019

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